Wednesday, 27 January 2016

NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio

This is the amount of garbage pile ups in the ocean. This is a danger to the oceans biodiversity because the animals can eat the garbage and die or get caught and suffocate.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Building project 6

1. What skills did you need to do this project?

My group needed to be very patient because we had to retry everything A LOT, we also needed creativity.

2. What were you trying to do that wouldn't work? What happened? How did that feel?

We kept trying to get the marble into the cup when the domino's pushed it. But it either kept missing, or there wasn't enough force, it was pretty frustrating.

3. Did you ever want to give up? If so, why didn't you?

I wanted to give up because things were not working and I was getting bored.

I did this project with Hannah and Chloe for our graphing stories.
1.What skills did we need to do this graph?
We needed basket ball skills and computer skills to make this project work.
2. How did the practice on the graphing stories website prepare you for these videos?
The practice with the graphing website prepared me because it gave me a lot of ideas, and also how to make it easier for the viewers by playing it back a second time in slow motion.
3. What did you learn in the process?
I learned more about how computers/iPads work.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Hub name

Hey guys! Sorry for the late response I wrote a post about blog names and never got to editing it!
I've read your comments and I think all of the names you've come up with are great! My top two favourites are BUCK's and Baskmars. I am leaning towards BUCK's because I think that it involves more of our interests. So I guess BUCK's is our new hub name! If you guys have any objections to the name let me know and we can talk it over.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Hello! Welcome to my blog. Here is where I will put my school work... bye..